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Tuesday 9:30 - 5:00
Wednesday 9:30 - 5:00
Thursday 9:30 - 5:00
Friday 9:30 - 5:00
Saturday 9:30 - 11:00

We are a wholesale auto auction open to the public! It costs nothing to come down and bid.

Over 100 vehicles for sale each week. Chances are that you will find what you are looking for!

What We Offer:

HUGE SELECTION! All makes and models of Cars, Trucks, SUV's, Vans, Trailers, Bikes etc. selling at WHOLESALE PRICES!
MANY UNRESERVED Selling at Unbelievable Prices! To the highest bidder!
FRIENDLY STAFF! Knowledgeable Auction Staff to help with the auction process. We want your auction experience to be a positive one.

Seated Facility.

FOOD CONCESSION! Enjoy a coffee, Hot Dogs and More

Experience the thrill of a busy live auction. The environment is fun, there's nothing quite like it.

Where is the Auction located? Our Auction is located at 861 Allsbrook Road, Parksville, BC V9P 2A9.

From Southern Vancouver Island:
Follow Trans-Canada Hwy/BC-1 N and BC-19 N to Alberni Hwy/BC-4A W in Nanaimo.
Take exit 51 from BC-19 N.
Continue on Alberni Hwy/BC-4A W. Turn left onto Alberni Hwy/BC-4A W (signs for Coombs)
Turn left onto Bellevue Rd
Turn left onto Allsbrook Rd

From Northern Vancouver Island:
Take BC-19 S (signs for Nanaimo)
Take exit 51 for BC-4A toward Parksville
Keep right at the fork, follow signs for Coombs and merge onto Alberni Hwy/BC-4A W
Turn left onto Bellevue Rd
Turn left onto Allsbrook Rd
How To Buy - Vehicle Auctions are held every Saturday at 11:00 am and usually ends at 1:00 pm
  - Daily vehicle viewing is from Tuesday through Saturday.
  - Register to bid Saturday Morning at the front office. Gates open at 9:30am.
  - Registration is Free. All bidders must register prior to bidding.

- A Drivers License is required.

- A $200 deposit is required after each winning bid.
Payment Methods 1. Cash
  2. Debit (contact your bank regarding daily limits)
  3. Money Order/Bank Draft
  4. M/C & Visa - Additional merchant fee to use this option.
  5. Sorry No Personal Cheques will be accepted.
Terms - Vehicle declarations will be declared. See below.
  - The highest bidder shall be the purchaser.
  - Bidders cannot retract their bids.
  - The purchaser is responsible to view the vehicle prior to bidding.
  - Payment in full or a deposit of $200 is required Saturday after each winning bid.
  - The balance to be paid the following Tuesday by - 4pm.


Fees - All applicable taxes will be added to the purchase price of all taxable items.
  - A variable buyers fee is calculated according to the winning bid price. (see chart)
Buy / Sell Fees
$0 - 499 = $95
500 -999 =130
1,000 -1,499 =170
1,500 -1,999 =190
2,000 -2.499 =210
2,500 -2,999 =230
3,000 -3,499 =250
3,500 -3,999 =270
4,000 -4.499 =290
4,500 -4,999 =310
5,000 -5,499 =330
5,500 -5,999 =350
6,000 -6,499 =370
6,500 -6,999 =390
7,000 -7,499 =410
7,500 -7,999 =430
8,000 -8,499 =450
8,500 -8,999 =470
9,000 -9,499 =490
9,500 -9,999 =510
10,000 and over =5%
+ $30.00 Car History Fee
Insurance Insurance representatives will be on location for insurance on vehicles paid in full.
Vehicle Declarations Auctioneer will announce declarations if any apply.
HO$2K: Former collective claim with ICBC $2OOO +. Includes Glass claims.
OOP: Vehicle originated outside of BC. Inspection passed & now has BC title.
NIR Vehicle title originates outside BC. Inspection is required for BC title.
TMU True mileage unknown .
REB Rebuilt Status. Passed Inspection & Rectified.
NO DECS: Vehicles are free & clear of the above declarations.
 Frequently Asked Questions  
 Is there an Auction every Saturday? Yes! V ehicle Auctions are held every Saturday Starting at 11:00 am till about 1:30.
 When can I Preview a Vehicle? Daily vehicle viewing (including access to vehicle’s interior) is from Tuesday through Saturday. Gates open at 9:30am.
 What Vehicles Are Available? Please check our website each week to see what's available for Saturday’s auction.
 Can I Test Drive a Vehicle? As all of the vehicles are owned by dealerships we are unable to offer test drives.
 What are the Terms? - Vehicle declarations will be declared. See above.
- The highest bidder shall be the purchaser.
- Bidders cannot retract their bids.
- The purchaser is responsible to view the vehicle prior to bidding.
 When Do I Register for the Auction? - Register to bid Saturday Morning at the front office.
 How Do I Submit an Absentee Bid?

-There are some instances where an absentee will will be allowed.
- You must have previewed the vehicle the preceeding week and complete an absetee form, with a signature and a $500 Deposit or Credit Card Authorization. The deposit will not be returned if the transaction is not completed the following Tuesday by 4:30 PM

 How Do I Know If My Absentee Bid Won? One of the auction staff you contact you on saturday after the auction
 Is there a Reserve On the Vehicle?

Most vehicles have a “reserve / protected price” and it is kept in confidence between the Co- Signer/Dealer on the auction house. The auction house works very closely with the Co- Signer/Dealer to ensure the vehicle sells 1st , 2nd, or 3rd Auction adjusting the “reserve / protected price” accordingly


  What Is the Opening Bid On a Particular Vehicle? The auctioneer determines that at the time of the sale.
Is there a Buy Now option to purchase a vehicle? All vehicles are sold by auction to the highest bidder. There is not a Buy Now option available at this time
 If A Vehicle Does Not Sell in an Auction Does It Go Back up for Auction the Following Saturday? Yes, if it does not sell it will go to the next auction.
 Am I Able to Consign a Vehicle to You for an Auction?

If you are a dealership or the Vehicle is in a company name just drop by we will do the rest

We are currently not receiving private consignments. We anticipate adding this to our offerings in 2017.


While do our best to ensure the correct options and details are listed for each vehicle we cannot guarentee all options are fuctional and/or are present, this web site information should not be considered to be definitive. Information, policies, and specifications may be out of date, errors can occur due to data entry errors, or inaccurate information may otherwise be accidentally presented. As a result, accuracy cannot be guaranteed and we make no warranties or representations of any kind.

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